Are you a wine sinner?

We take our wine seriously. Very, very seriously. In fact, we’d consider it a great sacrilege if one did not follow the basic tenets of wine consumption. What are these? Well, they are rules of etiquette, consumption and indulgence. Now we all tread the fine line of wine sins (now and then), but have you ever stopped and wondered – how good (or hopeless) you are? Are you going to wine heaven? Or a hell ruled by teetotallers? This quiz will give you the answers.

1. Which of these glasses is used to serve red wine?
A. Flute glass
B. Bordeaux glass
C. Goblet

2. When it’s hot as the Thar desert how do you keep your wine cool?
A. Huge chunks of ice.
B. Put it in the fridge before popping it open.
C. Switch to ice tea.

3. What do you do with leftover wine?
A. What leftovers?
B. Drink it for breakfast next day.
C. Put it back in the wine cellar.

4. What’s the right level of wine in a glass?

5. Where do you hold the glass?
A. The foot.
B. The stem.
C. Near the bowl.

6. When you visit someone for the first time, what do you take over?
A. Flowers.
B. A bottle of a classic wine.
C. Your charming personality.

7. What is the right order of serving wines?
A. White wine, red wine and rose wine.
B. Rose, Red or white (based on the dish) and dessert wine.
C. Do we need to serve so many wines?

Mostly As:
You have hope, but not all that much. Polish up on your wine etiquette, or you’re going to wine hell!

Mostly Bs:
Can you hear the harps playing? You are bound for wine heaven! You, my friend, and one cool savant!

Mostly Cs:
You need lessons. Seriously! Because wine is meant to be enjoyed, not gulped down like cola. Follow us closely and we can get you up to speed.

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