Wines made in India

Many believe that a wine’s essential from the land where the grapes are grown. The soil, the climate, the very environs which surround the grape as it ripens to its lushest, plumpest best, go to contribute to the flavour of the wine. The wine connoisseurs call this the terroir. And we owe our flavours to the terroir of the finest vineyards in India – in Nashik. This origin of our grapes has also earned us the label of being one of the finest wines made in India.

Renowned as the Napa Valley of India, Nashik is just a short drive away from Mumbai. Originally, this region was known for its table grapes, but in the recent past, it started gaining reputation for its wine grape.

Nashik is nestled in the Western Ghats of India, about 2000 feet above sea level. With mild temperatures throughout the year, it is ideal for both the white varietal and red.


The grapes of Nashik flourish in the rich laterite soil of the region. Rich in iron, with good drainage, this soil varies from sandy clay loam and red laterite to murrum soils, all well suited for grape cultivation.


The typical tropical temperatures of Nashik are ideal for grapes. With high temperature variation between night and day, the vines get to recover sufficiently from the day stress due to the high amount of activity because of heat. . The very cold climate during early part of the harvest season is perfect for the white varietals, and the hot climate during the latter part of the season is suitable for the red grape maturation.


The area receives ample rainfall and is also irrigated by the river Godavari and its tributaries. This, coupled with clean air, contributes to the grapes being nurtured lovingly by nature, before they are ready for harvesting.

From vineyards spread across the region of Nashik, we source our grapes lovingly, with great care and much meticulousness. And then using traditional Italian wine making processes we create the magic that is Big Banyan wine. To taste our fine Indian wines, head over to:

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