What’s your wine personality?

Extrowine or Introwine: What’s your wine personality?

A lot has been said and written about extroverts and introverts. There are personality quizzes and there that help you understand yourself better.  But wine can be the measure and answer to all such confusions. When it comes to wine, there are extrowines (the more chirpy, bubbly wine drinkers) and introwines (the more brooding, sober, serious wine drinkers). Find out your personality type by answering these 7 fun questions.

Tip: This quiz is more fun when you have wine for company.

1.Your idea of a perfect holiday is
A.Water sports, sun and sand parties, happening music scenes and late start to your days
B.Organised tourist walks, visit to the farmers’ market and a room with a balcony overlooking the ocean for you to sit and read.

2.You love having wifi because
A.You can chat with your friends and family everywhere you go
B.You can stay in and watch your favourite movie or show.

3.When you step out, this is what you say to yourself
A.Oh no! I might have to get back in.
B.Oh no! I want to go back in.

4.Being alone makes you

5.When there are changes in plans or surprises thrown your way, you feel
A.Curious and overjoyed
B.Anxious and uncomfortable

6.When someone says they need some alone time, you
A.Think they are being antisocial and start judging them
B.Understand their situation and let them be

7.You are the happiest when
A.You unbottle wine
B.Take the last sip

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