How to plan a wine party

This has got to be your favourite time of You’ve got a million reasons to throw a party, every single day. You’ve got a billion of occasions to dress up for. . And of course, a gazillion reasons to sip on your favourite Big Banyan wines. We’ll leave the merry making to you, but can help you on the wine front. We’ve put together a few tips to help you plan your wines for the upcoming festive season.

Choose your wines

There’s a steady stream of guests on festive days. People drop in at all hours to join in the celebrations. You need to stock up on food, sweets, and definitely those wines. Here’s how you go about choosing your wines.

Day wines
The thumb rule for morning parties, including festive brunches, lunches and tipsy teatime parties, is to serve more of white wine. If it’s a warm, balmy day, ensure that you have a chilled Big Banyan Chardonnay or Big Banyan Chenin Blanc to refresh your guests.

Night wines
For dinner parties, bring out the reds. We assure you that the Big Banyan Shiraz will be a big hit with your guests, especially when you pair it up with all those traditional Indian dishes you’ll be serving during the festive season.

Food and wine pairing

White wines
The Big Banyan Chardonnay is quite versatile and a safe bet to go with. But if you are serving something hot and spicy, our recommendation would be the Big Banyan Sauvignon Blanc. Its crisp refreshing flavours complement the rich Indian flavours, bringing a perfect balance.

Red wines
The Big Banyan Merlot is a popular crowd-pleaser. But ensure that you pair it with less spicy Indian dishes. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm the brilliant flavours of the wine. While many people do not prepare or serve meat during Indian festivals, if you plan on serving a dish or two with Chicken or Lamb, try pairing it with Big Banyan Shiraz or Big Banyan Cabernet Sauvignon.

Dessert wine
Sweets and Indian festivals go hand in hand. Tradition demands you offer every guest something sweet. How about pairing it with a Big Banyan Bellissima? Our dessert wine is just as drool-worthy as the luscious mothichoors, juicy, ozzy rasgullas or any other sweet you love.

Get started with these simple ideas and we’ll be back with more next week.

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