In the mood for wine

Wine is such a versatile drink! You can have it on pretty much any occasion. It goes perfectly well with food – appetizers, main course, dessert, or nibbly little bites of cheese. And ask us, you can pair it with your moods as well. Surprised? Don’t be! The reds, whites, dessert wine and rosé we have can take care of an entire spectrum of emotions, going along with you on the jolly roller coaster ride of life! Sounds yum, right? So if you’re in the mood for wine (actually, any mood is good mood for wine), read on.

The bluesy days

There are those days when you have a gloomy, ready-to-burst thundercloud hovering over your head. The world seems to be this drab, black-and-white film with no interval in is just so blah! For days like these, we recommend a healthy dose of Big Banyan Sauvignon Blanc. Fresh and light, its herby aromas transport you to a happy, sunny garden. The crisp, citrusy tinge it has will perk you up. And arm you with all the fortitude you need to see the day through!

The girly nights

These are the days you’re in the mood to dress up – when you bring out those totteringly high heels, the LBD and the shocking red lipstick. Endless chatter, harmless flirting and loads of fun are all part of the plan. For an upbeat mood like this, there’s nothing better than a Big Banyan Rosa Rossa. The tantalizing aromas, the charming blush of the wine and the enchanting flavours make it such a dainty choice! Or, there’s always our favourite, the Big Banyan Chardonnay.

The 7-day weekend

Picture this. Your boss is on leave. For a whole week! The very thought of it is enough to lift your spirits, and turn every boring work day into a merry weekend. These are the days you love going to office. And for days like these and moods like these, we have the Big Banyan Merlot. With its luminous red sheen, berry-filled aromas and smooth plummy finish, our Merlot is a fun, quintessential red for everyone.

The no-hurry days

On days when the sun takes a break, and the pitter-patter of raindrops creates a pleasant rhythm, all you’d like to do is curl up with a book. For this lovely, lazy, leisurely mood, we have the Big Banyan Limited Shiraz. We let this red age patiently for twelve long months in French oak. And then, for equally long in glass bottles, before bringing it to you. We suggest you decant it before you savour the big, bold and deep flavours. Our Limited Shiraz is definitely for those fine moments and moods that come along once in a lifetime.

More later! All this wine talk has got us excited. Even we are in the mood for some good wine now. You get your glass, while we head to our wine cellars. . Cheers!

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