Know your wine: Chardonnay

Your love for wine is just the first step. To become a connoisseur, you need to get intimately familiar with it. Know every detail about it. Learn about its personality, its origins, its many flavours and forms. This week, we’ve got a few basic facts about Chardonnay lined up for you. This is simple trivia that can come in handy when you’re entertaining guests at home, or talking to fellow wine lovers. Pour yourself a glass and read on.

Grape varietal
Chardonnay, a green grape, is used to make this white wine.

Place of origin
Though this varietal was originally from the Burgundy region of France, it is now grown all over the world.

Pronounced as

Where it’s grown
Almost all wine producing regions, globally, cultivate this grape. India grows it too.

Golden hue.

Mouth feel
Typically a dry wine.


Flavour versatility
The flavour profile of Chardonnay is extremely versatile, changing from region to region. It could be mineral, tropical or even oaky, depending on where it comes from. Typically, it has fruity flavours of apples, pineapples, and citrus.

Big Banyan Chardonnay
Our Chardonnay is a fine balance of crisp fruitiness and crunchy butterscotch sweetness, minerality and acidity, fun and elegance. It has an intense aroma of pears and pineapples, and the subtlest hints of crème brûlée and hazelnut.

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