#MakingCocktails : Part 1


If you’re someone who loves entertaining friends at home, these tips are just for you. Follow them and brush up on your mixing skills. Dish out the most delish cocktails ever.

1. Get the tools of the trade

Make sure you’ve got a:

– Measure
– Cocktail Shaker
– Muddler
– Juicer
– Mixing Spoon
– Strainer

You can get clever and use things lying around in your kitchen too. For instance, you can substitute the Muddler with a wooden rounded spoon. You get the picture.

2. Use the right glassware

We cannot stress enough about the importance of this. The right glass can hold the fizz in, release the aromas the right way and make your drink look elegant on the whole. You serve:

– A Sangria in a large wine glass or hurricane glass
– A Mojito in a tall glass
– A Martini in a cocktail glass
– A Julep in a tall glass or a tumbler
– A Margarita in a tumbler or a cocktail glass

3. Layering basics

If you aren’t sure of the order in which the ingredients need to go in, this will help you.

– Ice
– Syrup / Sherbet
– Wine (or any other alcohol)
– Soda
– Garnish

But if you’ve got a recipe handy, please follow that order to the tee.

4. Ice

Most cocktails call for ice. Make sure your ice is dry and super cold, taken straight from the freezer. Whether you’re using a shaker or not, be quick and economical in your steps so the ice doesn’t melt before the drink reaches your guest. To make crushed or shaven ice, wrap the ice up in a bar towel and smash it with a rolling pin. Remember, use crushed/shaved ice only in tall drinks.

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