Monday Mixology: Episode 7

We’re back again with our Bartender’s Special on Monday Mixology. It’s an elegant, classy drink to serve your guests this festive season. And it’s been whipped up by the bartender at Bangalore Brew Works. The ingredients are easy enough to find, and the drink is easier still to fix. But if you’d rather try it first, swing by Bangalore Brew Works. And ask for the ‘Red Goblin’.

You’ll need:
60 ml Big Banyan Merlot
Ice cubes
30 ml dry gin
20 ml egg whites
25 ml sugar syrup
25 ml lemon juice
A dash of bitters

How to make it:
– Pour out the wine in a glass and allow it to breathe while you fix the mix.
– In a wine glass fill up a few ice cubes.
– In a separate glass/shaker, add a few more cubes of ice.
– Pour the dry gin over the ice cubes, followed by the egg whites, sugar syrup and lemon juice.
– Give it a good shake. And now assemble the drink.
– Strain the liquid in the cocktail shaker over the ice cubes in the wine glass.
– Then give the wine a gentle swirl to release the aromas, and pour it in. Your drink will now blush a beautiful pink.
– Top it up with a dash of bitters.
– Garnish it with lime and cherry and serve it up.

Remember, the trick of this drink is not to stir it. Only then will you be able to see the layers distinctly.

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