Monday Mixology: Simple White Wine Cocktail


Mondays should be uncomplicated. You’ve got so much to deal with already. That’s why our cocktail recipe for this week is easy as pie. It’s been created for us by Permit Room’s bartender, Sharath. And he calls it the Pink Panther. It’s simple enough for you to fix at home. Or, if you’d rather we do it for you, come over to Permit Room, and ask for the cocktail. (Psst…it’s just what you need to beat the sudden scorching heat.)

You’ll need:

Ginger chunks
30 ml vodka
30 ml strawberry crush
30 ml honey
Few chunks of ice
Crushed ice
90 ml Big Banyan Sauvignon Blanc

How to make it:

– In a glass, add in the ginger chunks and muddle them thoroughly.
– Then add in the vodka, strawberry crush and honey.
– Add the ice cubes too. And give it a good shake.
– In a wine glass, place some crushed ice. And strain the liquid over this ice. (The ice gets this really beautiful blush of pink that looks so appetizing.)
– Top it up with Big Banyan Sauvignon Blanc.
– Take a long spoon and gently poke through the crushed ice.

And voilà, your drink is ready!

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