Cabernet Sauvignon


A quintessential red, the Big Banyan Merlot is divinely smooth. The ripe berries used for this wine, love the warmer climes of India, and it is evident in the plummy finish of the wine.

Pairing suggestions: Pan-fried steak, lamb burgers, roast chicken with thyme and onions, chicken tikka masala, grilled fish and red meats, caramelised onion tartlets, Bolognese and béarnaise sauces, Shepherd’s pie, cheddar and red Leicester cheese.

The Big Banyan Cabernet Sauvignon has a deep, intense personality. While the grape is harvested across the world, the warmer climes and varied soils of India make it more interesting.

Pairing suggestions: Strong pungent cheeses like the Danish Blue, steaks and chops, kormas, rich Punjabi dishes with a creamy gravy, braised lamb shanks with rosemary, moussaka and tofu with ginger-sesame sauce.

The robust personality of Big Banyan Shiraz will leave you in awe. The aromas of the berries come alive in the warmer temperatures of India.

Pairing suggestions: Sweet and spicy barbeque sauces, mushroom risotto, cold cuts like pepperoni and chorizo, barbeque preparations with smoky, charred flavours and dum biryani.

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