Things to do in Goa in December

Goa. The name conjures images of sunny beaches, mega parties, old world charm and divine food! December is one of the best months to visit Goa, and with all the Christmas and New Year parties the place just comes alive. But there’s more to Goa than partying. Here’s our list of 10 things to do in Goa this month.

1. Take a dip in the sea
Go beach hopping. Or find yourself a good shack and spend the whole day there. While North Goa has beaches that are abuzz with activity, the South has secluded, quiet beaches. Pick one based on your mood. The weather is perfect for either.

2. Be adventurous and try the water sports
There’s a great thrill when you’re aboard a jet ski or a banana boat and rip against the waves. Baga, Candolim and Vagator beaches offer the best of the fare. Some beaches have parasailing too.

3. Ride back in time
Goa is a treasure trove of history. Its rich colonial past is evident in the houses, churches and forts strewn all over the state. Hire a bike or a car and drive through the picturesque by-lanes. And get a glimpse of what life was like back in the days of the Portuguese.

4. Attend midnight mass
Goa has many famous, and smaller, quainter churches ‘round every corner. And during Christmas, every church comes alive with carols, decorations and merry festivities. If you’re in Goa on Christmas Eve, drop into the nearest church and attend the midnight mass. It’s a beautiful experience.

5. Party till the break of dawn
Literally. The night scene in Goa should not be missed! Go club hopping in North Goa and dance into the wee hours.

6. Cruise and gamble
The Mandovi River has a floating casino. Book a ride on board the cruise and try your hand at games of luck.

7. Go shopping for trinkets
Goa’s flea markets are legendary. Go shopping and pick souvenirs for your loved ones, and little knickknacks your self.

8. Enjoy the best of Goan food
The Goan cuisine is a delightful confluence of cultures. A dash of Portuguese sass, a bit of Indian spice and lots of Goan zest goes into every dish. Visit the shacks along the beaches and ask for local specialties like Pork Sorpotel, Fish Recheado, Pork Vindaloo, Chicken Xacuti, etc. And save some space for Bebinca, a Goan dessert.

9. Go Dolphin spotting
When the sea is not choppy set sail to spot some Dolphins. These playful creatures are a treat to your soul!

10. Enjoy Big Banyan wines
But of course! Our winery is located in Goa, and you can enjoy all the wines from our collection at any popular restaurant, pub, shack or liquor store. Each wine has been crafted to pair amazingly well with the Goan food and spirit.

Have a great December!

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