Things to do in Goa in January

The over. Or, are they? There are many who’d prefer a quieter Goa, once the embers of the New Year bashes have died down. And the land returns to its laidback, lazy best. This one’s for such travelers. Here’s a bunch of things to do in Goa this January.

1. Indulge your sweet tooth

Goa is famous for its signature desserts like Bebinca, Dodol, Serradura, etc. Each of these is typical to this state. You can savour the rich Portuguese influences mixed in with delicious dollops of sublime sweetness.

2. Ride and discover

After you’ve stuffed yourself with all those desserts, work off the calories by hiring a bike and riding across the place. You can check for local trails, or simply ride without a destination in mind. If you are feeling adventurous, take a ferry to Chorao Island. Stumble into another era as you ride through the quaint villages dotted with old Portuguese bungalows.

3. Try kite surfing

You’d need some practice before you actually attempt this (they’ve got beginner’s courses). But this one’s a big must for all adventure junkies. Open from October to May, kite surfing happens at the Morjim beach. You’ll simply love it!

4. Step into wilderness

Goa is surrounded by forests and immense natural beauty. You can watch crocodiles gliding along the Opa River or the Cumbarjua canal. Or you can drive up to the Western Ghats and spend a day in the wilderness. Do make sure that you enlist the help of professional guides and tour operators before you head out.

5. Enjoy a perfect glass of wine

Need we say this? Goa is our home. And you can taste every one of our wines here. You can read more about our wines before you head here and plunge right into the heady goodness. They’d also make for great souvenirs for friends back home.

If you’ve got any interesting plans and ideas for things to do this month, leave them below in our comments section.

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