Unbottle the spirit of Goa

Big Banyan wines the happy, sunshiny shores of Goa. All the mirth, all the joy and all the bohemian spirit of the place has been bottled up in our wines, so you can go ahead, unbottle it and revel in the uninhibited spirit of Goa.

Located on the west coast of India, Goa is an erstwhile colony of the Portuguese. The influences are there everywhere to see – in the architecture, the music, food, people and the very essence of the place. . The place offers a heady mix of local Indian culture and the centuries of colonial charm.

Today, Goa is famous the world over for its gorgeous, sandy beaches. These beaches offer the prefect mix of languid leisure and boundless fun. The shacks on the beaches offer the best of Goan cuisine, including plenty of delicious fresh seafood. . And besides the authentic Goan food, you can also get your fill of Portuguese flavours.

In this vibrant place, close to the majestic Western Ghats, is our winery. The tropic climes of the place are perfect for our wines. We bring in our grapes from vineyards in Nashik and Ramnagar and here, we get to work.

So the next time you are enjoying a holiday on the beaches of Goa, think of us. Ask for a glass of Big Banyan. And take a divine sip of the place. Unbottle the true spirit of Goa.

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