What should you drink on a rainy day?

Yes, we’ve got a quiz to solve this dilemma for you! Based on your love (or not) for rains, we’ve got a wine suggestion for you. Our scientists at Big Banyan have observed the inner workings of the human mind and the barometrical pressures of atmosphere, and come up with this quiz. Oh, who are we kidding?! There’s absolutely no scientific basis for this quiz. It’s totally made up, and very random. Enjoy the moment of madness.

1. You wake up in the morning, look out of the window, and realise it’s raining. What’s your first reaction?

a. Smile and snuggle back into bed
b. Curse the day, ‘coz it’ll be a traffic nightmare now
c. Call your boss and beg for a day off
d. Head to the kitchen and make yourself something warm
e. Feel just as gloomy as the weather outside, sulk and start getting dressed

2. There’s a heavy downpour and your car breaks down. What do you do?

a. Call your mechanic/boyfriend immediately
b. Shout a string of curses at everyone – your fate, your car, your mechanic, your childhood sweetheart, the traffic cop (you get the idea)
c. Get down and try to fix the car
d. Beg strangers for help
e. Burst into tears

3. What are you most likely to eat on a rainy day?

a. Chocolate – lots and lots of it
b. How can you think of food when there’s a flood?
c. Samosas and kachoirs
d. Something ooey, gooey and very cheesy
e. Your nails – you’d bite them worrying about the mad downpour

4. What are you most likely to protect when it rains?

a. Nothing! It’s just rain…it’ll all dry off later.
b. My shoes! They’re worth a small nation’s GDP.
c. The book in my bag
d. My hair. I can’t afford to look like a plastered rag the cat dragged in.
e. Oh what’s the point! Nothing will help. I’ll probably catch pneumonia anyway.

5. What movie would you like to watch on a rainy day?

a. Singing in the rain (of course)
b. Doomsday
c. An award winning foreign film (pseudo much?)
e. If there is power, you mean…

That was easy, right? Now let’s check your scores.

Mostly As:
You’re a regular ray of sunshine (even in the rain). You welcome the pleasant showers. And for you we think the Big Banyan Chenin Blanc is the perfect companion. It is zesty, easy-going and pairs well with any mood – just like you.

Mostly Bs:
Don’t be so glum. Stop awhile, smell the scent of fresh earth and enjoy the moment. We suggest you have a generous glug of Big Banyan Rosa Rossa. The light freshness of the wine and the fragrant aromas will cheer you up instantly.

Mostly Cs:
The rains bring out a certain lazy, cozy side to you. You’d rather be alone doing your favourite thing. Try Big Banyan Merlot. It has a plummy, smooth finish and is perfect for me-time.

Mostly Ds:
You are possessed by a certain sense of romance when it starts raining. And that’s why we recommend the Big Banyan Shiraz for you. The bold flavours will complement your mood perfectly.

Mostly Es:
It’s just a simple downpour. Get a grip. Try the spunky Big Banyan Chardonnay. It’s a classic, elegant wine that will sober your spirit, and make you feel better.

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