Dessert wine pairing ideas

The name says it all. ‘Dessert’ wine. This is a sweet wine that’s typically served as dessert. Or with a dessert.

These wines are typically made from grapes like Muscat, Riesling, Pinot Gris, etc., and are left of the vines till the grapes extend beyond the standard stage of ripeness. Our dessert wine, the Big Banyan Bellissima is made from late-harvest Muscat grapes that are left on the vines. The grapes are sun-soaked to naturally concentrate sugars and aromas. The wine is a brilliant shade of amber and when the sun dances through it, it looks like liquid gold. Its fragrance reminds you of an orchard of apricots and pears in full bloom. A deeper whiff reveals the sweet scent of flowers, dried walnuts and raisins. When you take a sip of this decadent wine, it is sweet, smooth and has the slightest tinge of minerals.

The incredible experience of Bellissima can be enjoyed without any accompaniment. But if you wish to pair your wine with something, here are some of our top pairing suggestions.

1. Dessert, of course!

This is the most natural pairing idea. A dessert for a dessert wine. A luscious slice of fresh cream cake, fruity pies, lemony cakes or cheese cake, are just what you need to accentuate the sweet notes of the wine. You can also choose a bite-size truffle made with white chocolate and lavender. The fruity notes of the wine and the floral notes of lavender make it an incredibly delicate and exotic combination. Go on, indulge your sweet tooth.

2. Cheese

Wine’s soulmate is cheese. And like any other wine, your dessert wine too, can be paired with cheese. You will need something to balance the sweetness and create a complex flavour profile. A slice of baked brie, soft camembert, or goat cheese would make for a great pairing. You could get a bit experimental and try a mildly seasoned cheese. A cranberry studded cheddar would also make for an interesting combination.

3. Asian food

If you are braver, try pushing your pairing boundaries. The sweet notes of the wine balance and counter the sweet, spicy, tangy flavours of Asian food – think honey glazed stir-fries, pad thai, tangy salads, etc.

Try these tips, and see what your taste buds prefer.

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